Monday, August 17, 2009

10 Mega Man Weapons That Kick Ass

In the Mega Man games you get to use loads of weapons, here are the most asskickingist. And yes, 'asskickingist' is a word, because I demanded it to be so.

1. The Thunder Beam

Game: Mega Man
System: NES

The Thunder Beam is great, definitely the best weapon in the original Mega Man. You get plenty of shots, so it could easily replace your normal weapon, it works wonders on Ice Man, The Yellow Devil and Wily, not to mention that the sprite is huge and fires in three directions, and can destroy certain blocks. If you're one of the pause trick users, this is also the best weapon to use.

2. The Metal Blade

Game: Mega Man II
System: NES

The Metal Blade is the best reason to start with Metal Man. He's pretty easy, and once you get this, you almost don't ever need to use your regular weapon. The Metal Blade can be fired rapidly, you get loads of them, you can shoot them in any direction and here's the best part. Technically you're supposed to use it on Bubble Man. But it also works wonders on Flash Man, Wood Man, and most fortress bosses. The Metal Blade: It's Metal as Fuck!

3. The Pharoah Shot

Game: Mega Man IV
System: NES

The Pharoah Shot is great. I mean at first it seems like it sucks, it just hurls a little tiny fireball forward and doesn't do much against Ring Man, or anybody else. But you can charge it. The charge shot actually appears above Mega Man's head and you can throw it upwards or downwards. It fucks up Ring Man and almost every fortress boss, including Wily. What's best is you can hit enemies with the ball above your head, and if you keep the B button down and pause, then unpause, the ball will re-appear, basically giving you unlimited charged shots.

4. The Noise Crush

Game: Mega Man VII
System: Super NES

The Noise Crush is another one where there's more to it than meets the eye. A simple sound wave, right? (Is that two unintended transformers references already..?) Anyway, if you fire it at a wall it bounces, and if it hits you, you are instantly charged. Then shoot a larger version. Works great of course on Turbo Man, but also feel free to use it on many of the fortress bosses, and in general.

5. The Flame Sword

Game: Mega Man 8
System: Playstation

Aside from the obvious "Mega Man + Sword = Awesome + Fire = HOLY SHIT" equation, this thing is damned useful. It can fuck up Search Man, burn shit in stages, set off explosives, pretty much do everything you'd expect a goddamn flaming sword to do.

6. Fire Wave

Game: Mega Man X
System: Super NES

You can tell I like to burn shit. The Fire Wave is also short-range but man does it fuck everything up. The only down point is you can't use it underwater. The good parts are it lasts a long time, especially if you tap the button instead of holding it, and it really hurts common enemies. Chill Penguin is even easier with it, and you need it to get all the heart tanks.

7. Speed Burner

Game: Mega Man X2
System: Super NES

ANOTHER fire weapon? Bear with me. Aside from being a pretty good fireball shooting thing, this one has a great feature when you charge it up. X engulfs himself in flame and shoots forward. Basically an air dash that can go through enemies. And you can use both it and the regular air dash in the same jump (or use it during a dash jump) to get places.

8. Ray Splasher

Game: Mega Man X3
System: Super NES

Okay there's no splashing involved, and there's no rays involved. But it does shoot a ridiculous amount of shiny shit all over the place. Gotta love that. Works well as a regular weapon and has a great sound effect. Easily the best weapon in X3.

9. The Yammar Option

Game: Mega Man X6
System: Playstation

"Option" is a weird term in shooting type games. Think like Gradius. Little fireflies surround X and shoot whenever he does. It lasts a long time and you only use a shot when you replenish the flies. It fucks up most of the bosses, including Infinity Flea, who you're supposed to use the Guard Shell against, but you'd have to be insane to try it.

10. The Beam Sabre

Game: Various
System: Various

Why doesn't Zero need all the weapons that Rock and X need? Because he's carrying around a goddamn light sabre. You could use it as a one shot kill in X3, and Zero played with it normally in most of the games after that, and his own series, Mega Man Zero. Then of course, X can use it in certain games (X3, and X6). It's always awesome, and so fucking satisfying to slice through robots with.

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