Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Video update

Here's a much needed video update folks!

First we have an all-right shooting game called Macross Scrambled Valkyrie (not really but yeah.)

Because someone out there hates me, here's WWF War Zone

The new "Streets of Final Fight" series starts off with the original Genesis classic.

Then we have a really weird game called Trojan on the NES

Iron Tank is by SNK, but relax, it's not that great. Kind of a worse off version of Jackal.

Then, of course, Streets of Rage 2

Someone asked me to do Supermarioland 2. Who am I to argue?

At first I thought the Genesis Superman might be that elusive decent Superman game. But alas, it also sucks balls.

And, of course, Streets of Rage 3

These next two videos, Power Blade 2 and Contra III were recorded a while ago but I had to get the audio from Julee so they're just appearing now.

Then we have a surprisingly decent Power Rangers game for Game Boy Color

Streets of Final Fight moves on to the Master System with it's surprisingly great 8-bit rendition of the original

Paperboy, another classic, which I tend to fuck around in more than actually play.

Then we have today's videos. First up is a Jurassic Park game that actually doesn't suck cock.

And a Flinstones game that does

And lastly, while the 8-bit Master System version of Streets of Rage was great, it's sequel....sucks.

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