Monday, August 3, 2009

Video update

Regular blog post later, but first here's the latest videos.

Firstly though, to answer a question I got: a WAD is a level or set of levels in doom, and a PWAD is a player created one. Official ones are called IWADS. hope that was helpful.

Someone provided me with a sort of ROM for Super Mario Bros. 2, so here's a brief video. You can tell it's unofficial as it says "Mario" above the score despite the fact that I'm playing as Luigi.

Megagrey guessed that I used a Phantasy Star song (honestly saw that one coming) so for him here I am sucking ass at Gradius

For a shooter I embarrass myself less on, here's Burai Fighter by request

Song 9 in the contest, which is from Shadow of the Colossus, it was guessed fairly quickly.

Song 10 is the only one not to be guessed so far, and I've only seen one or two really intelligent guesses. Ah well.

Finally got The King of Fighters XII for my X-Box 360, so here's a two part gameplay video.

Only two games in this GameCube collection update, but they're good finds

Finally, here's my two part latest "Look at the Nintendo Consoles" video, the Nintendo 64.

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