Sunday, September 20, 2009

Video catchup

Here's a catchup on the latest videos

First, here we have a review of the Green Lantern: First Flight movie

The latest "shoutouts to my subscribers" vid

The last song of round 4, which was from Section Z

The Punisher on Genesis, which is somewhat based on the arcade game

A fun, but tough game called Conquest of the Crystal Palace on the NES

NES Commando, a total classic

The very strange game The Blues Brothers on the SNES

The NES version of Captain America and the Avengers, which is nothing to do with the Arcade game

A shockingly mediocre shooter for the Genesis, Grind Stormer

The crappy "The Immortal" on the NES

Popeye 2, a fairly fun game

Next we have a two-parter, this is the next GameCube collection update, but also a follow up to last week's "Fuck Gamestop" rant

Command and Conquer is surprisingly playable on the N64

And then we go on to the next feature, the CastleVania: Symphony of the Night playthrough. Here are the first three parts

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