Monday, September 14, 2009

Video update

Well as I can't really do a bunch of videos today due to Youtube maintenance, here's an update on what you've missed.

Here's song 4 in the contest, which was from Top Gear. Kinda sounds like Muse, no?

Here's a spontaneous video I did about my favorite super hero

Bad Dudes, which should be called Mediocre Dudes.

NARC, the most awesome game that actually isn't all that great.

The bizarre SNES version of Wolfenstein 3D

Song 5, where I tried to fool you all with a CastleVania sound. Didn't last too long, it's Actraiser, which got guessed pretty quickly.

Song 6 was very easy, it was Donkey Kong Country

This video demonstrates why Gamestop needs to test the used games they get. I wont' be able to return this until next Saturday. Actually I guess I could go on Friday...

This GameCube collection update also follows up on the previous video.

Next some comic book reviews

Song 7 was a bit tougher, but it got guessed pretty quick. It's Tales of Phantasia

Shantae for Game Boy Color is actually pretty good

This is Shin Chan Adventures in Cinemaland. One of the weirder ones, and one of my funnier videos.

Phantom 2040, which is annoying, but not horrifying as I thought it might be.

And song 8, from an old favorite of mine, Breath of Fire

Finally the one I did get up today before Youtube cut me off, song 9, which is as of this writing, not guessed. Couldn't even get the annotation on.

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