Monday, September 7, 2009


Hey guys, sorry. I did say I would update but it was a very busy week and then a long weekend.

Happy labor day though!

Everything should be fairy back on track by Friday for a post if not by Wednesday, I've been busy downloading a large collection of games as I'm going to be announcing another system I will take requests for pretty soon.

that being said, let's catch up.

I got Guitar Hero 5 (which I'm almost done with, can't put it down!) and here are some videos about that.

Here's an awful piece of crap called Castle of Dragon

Here's a great shootemup, Life Force

Final Fight One for GBA ends the "Streets of Final Fight" feature in style! The next feature will be a playthrough of the PlayStation game CastleVania: Symphony of the Night

Here's the typical rules video for round 4 of the music challenge, which is a lot easier than round 3, which I'm sure is relief for a lot of people. Did this on with my friend Ares

Here's the first song, I got some weird guesses, though it got guessed fairly quickly. It's Condemned: Criminal Origins for XBox 360

Here's my latest GameCube collection video

Here's a shockingly good racer, Road Rash 3 on Genesis

And a shockingly strange Colecovision game, Campaign 84

I don't get why you'd want to watch me play Pokemon Snap, but here it is.

Here's the next song, which I thought would take a while but someone got it almost instantly. It's King of Fighters 94 for Neo Geo

Here's today's videos!

Starting off with the great Genesis port of Strider

And here's me sucking at the original Fatal Fury on Neo Geo

And, ugh, Virtua Fighter (32X version)

Lastly today's song, which got guessed fairly quickly though a bunch of people predictably guessed James Bond games (I am sneaky like that) It's from Street Fighter III

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