Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The 10 worst games I've played on Youtube (so far)

I've played both great and terrible games (and a lot that fall in between) for youtube, but here are the 10 I have considered the worst, in no particular order.

1. ET

This Atari 2600 abomination is well documented, though I really wasn't quite prepared for what went on. The end to this video has me dissolving into rage and frustration, which is normal for playing this game.

2. Chuck Norris Superkicks

For a while I thought I couldn't play anything worse than ET but for quite a long time I considered this the worst game I've ever played. The fucking this is absolutely unplayable. The audio in the video is pretty off from the video, which is an issue with some of my older videos. The sentiments remain the same, however.

3. Superman

Not the NES one, although I did that one and it's also horrid. This is the Nintendo 64 one and it's as bad as they say. I had an easier time than most with the controls due to my controller being better than a N64 controller, but the game is still a bunch of fuck.

4. Awesome Possom Kicks Dr. Machino's Butt

I ever mention I fucking hate this game? I hate everything about it. The entire thing is summed up at about 15 seconds into the video where I look at the title screen, sigh and declare that I already hate it. Nothing about this game could possibly be liked, ever.

5. Bebe's Kids

At least I had Julee helping me out on this one, but it didn't dull the pain of having to play this. Nintendo Power once called this the worst Nintendo game ever and it's easy to see why.

6. Custer's Revenge

You walk up to the chick and you fuck her. Occasionally you get nailed by an arrow (spear?) or a cactus. That's about it. It's not sexy, it's not fun and it's goddamn offensive. Fails on every possible level.

7. Captain Novolin

Aside from the ridiculous concept, a diabetic super hero fighting against evil food products, the game itself sucks. The idiot has no powers to speak of, he can only jump, and he even sucks at that. So you lack any sort of attack and all you can do is hop around trying to avoid donuts and grab corn flakes. The power ups in this game can also kill you if you grab too many of them. I suppose that's an accurate depiction of diabetes, but there really isn't anything fun about diabetes.

8. Wait and See!

To be fair, this is one of those unofficial pirate games, but goddamn if it isn't the most fuck thing ever. To add idiocy to insult, I had some retard tell me "I have never seen someone suck so hard at a game" Obviously he hasn't played it, which I suppose is good for him, but it doesn't mean that the best of him ran down his mother's leg.

9. Crystal's Pony Tale

I could only stomach two minutes of this. You can't lose in this game, but if you're playing it, you can't win either.

10. Hong Kong '97

This dethroned Chuck Norris Superkicks as the worst game ever. Watch the video and see why Joey is a fucking jerkriot.

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  1. I think I actually feel bad for you, that you had to sit through these games.

    Just thinking about playing ANY of these games makes me want to throw up.