Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hey folks

I've been pretty sick which explains the lack of any sort of posts. To tide you over here's all the latest videos.

I finished up the I Wanna Be The Guy feature, which came out as good as I could expect, here are the last two videos.

Next up, I had went to see the latest Harry Potter movie this past weekend, so I did a review

Next up we have the rules for round 3 of the song contest, which fucking no one is following

First song was Astal for Sega Saturn, the long time it took someone to guess it is indicative of things to come. This round is *hard*

This next song is considerably easier, but no one got it yet. Julee got this in about 3 notes so I'm surprised NO one else has even come close

The guy who guessed Astal asked me to do Street Fighter 2010, a truly wretched game

Next up is Perfect Dark

And then Spiritual Warfare, this is definitely one of my funnier videos

The latest song hasn't been guessed yet, though a few people have gotten close. This is probably the easiest one in round 3.

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