Wednesday, July 29, 2009


New ones today, but also a catchup post, been forgetting to put them here!

Firstly, I got pissed off about the song contest, and posted about it. Sorry about the wet hair.

I didn't think song 4 was all that hard, but still no one has gotten it.

A GameCube collection update

And another one

Song 5 was guessed quickly. It's Gremlins 2 NES

Next up we got my look at the Super NES

Then some comic book reviews

Song 6 also got guessed pretty quickly, it's Metal Gear Solid for Game Boy Color

I've reached 1400 subs so here's a shout out vid. The game is Plants vs Zombies, which is great

Then back to requests, here's Cocoron

Super Mario Bros. Lost Levels

Song 7 is probably the hardest one yet, and it's not been guessed yet. Most of the guesses have been hilariously bad as well.

On to today's videos! First up is a horrid fighter called Clayfighter

Then a middling sort of platformer, Alex Kidd in Miracle World

Then a horrid shooter, Revolution X

Then finally, song 8, which was guessed almost instantly, it's Phantasy Star

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