Saturday, July 11, 2009

New videos (catch up!)

Hey folks, here's all the new videos. Regular update of articles will resume on Monday.

Firstly we have a two part video on a real great PS2 find, Marvel vs Capcom 2, which I remember being easier on the Dreamcast (or I'm just rusty as fuck).

Next up the long awaited parts 12 and 13 of I Wanna Be The Guy, which were done with the assistance of the lovely and multi-talented Julee

On to the videos from today. First, as I'm very fucking excited about King of Fighters XII, I decided to dig out XI and do a video, in which I discuss not only the game but the superiority of hand-drawn 2D sprites over 3D rendered polygons.

Speaking of great looking sprites here's a shockingly good-looking SNES game.

And a pretty good looking NES game as well.

And finally the latest I Wanna Be The Guy, back to live commentary.

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