Sunday, July 5, 2009

New Videos

Meant to post this yeaterday but, meh.

Hope you all had a happy 4th, and for those of you who aren't American, hope you had a happy Saturday you commie bastards. (that's a joke folks.)

Anyway first up I have Earnest Evans, a game Julee suggested after playing it on her Dreamcast. It's worse than it looks.

Then we picked one off the list to do, we decided to do Super Mario Bros., cuz honestly how much can you talk about the game? Before you watch our video, you gotta see this one, in particular the second half of it. This one is from Master0fHyrule

So here's our video, which has us talking quite a bit about that Ar Tornelico shit.

You know if I hadn't fucked up the first warp zone in 4-2 I might have beaten it in the video.

Then lastly we have a GameCube collection update.

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