Friday, July 3, 2009

10 Rules For Attending a Video Game Party

Parties are hard work, and really not all that much fun for the person hosting. Yesterday we looked at 10 ways they could make the experience great for their guests at a video game party. Today, let's look at things you can do as a guess to not fuck it up.

1. Don't be a douche, let others have a turn

Don't hog the damn games. Is it really that hard? Follow any rules set by the host in regards to how long you should play. If the host didn't have the foresight to set a rule, that doesn't give you a license for douchery. Quit being a hog, pass the controller and give up your seat for a while.

2. B.Y.O.G.

Bring your own games. Bring your own controllers. Offer to do this ahead of time. You can bring backups in case games don't work or games you think might be fun to play. Remember that you're not in charge and talk to the host first about it.

3. Have respect for other people's equipment.

It's not your stuff, so don't break it. Don't be a dick and throw the controller because you're frustrated. Be careful when handling other people's games, you look like a massive tool if you scratch them. You wouldn't want people coming to your house and fucking up your shit, so don't fuck the shit of others, up or otherwise.

4. Shut up/Quit Bitching

No one cares about your stupid console wars. No one cares if you think a game/series/console is "sooo gayyyyy" This bitching is annoying and makes everyone want to launch themselves across the room and drop kick you. It's even worse when you're breaking the first rule also, hogging up the damn console while bitching about it the entire time. Shut the fuck up, no one cares.

5. You're here to have fun, not to "pwnx0r n00bs"

I realize that multiplayer gaming is competitive. That doesn't mean be a dick about it. You're there to have fun, not to prove you're the best and rub it in others faces. Try and play people closer to your skill level. If you're just dominating everyone, that's actually fine. Being a total cocksmith about it is not.

6. Food/Drinks and Electronic Equipment do not mix.

It's obvious that at a party, there's bound to be both food and drinks. But food and drinks don't mix well with playing video games. Please for the love of shit eat while you're NOT playing and wash your hands before you pick up the controller. No one wants their controllers smeared with grease and no one wants beer spilled on their Playstation 2.

7. Clean up after yourself

Don't leave the host to clean up the ungodly mess you made. I don't care if you have to be somewhere, clean up after yourself you fucking asshole.

8. Stop bragging, no one gives a shit

Nothing wrong with a celebratory w00t, but stop bragging, we're all over it, why aren't you? That goes for more than just winning however, if you go in bragging, you look like a cock, and it's twice as embarrassing for you when you lose.

9. Don't be a wii-tard

If this game party is any sort of decent, there will be a Wii involved. That being said, follow the obviously simple advice that the games even give you. Use the wiimote jacket, use the strap and watch where you're swinging your arms. No one wants to get hit by a wiimote or a wiimote wielding maniac.

10. Wash your hands before and after playing.

I mentioned this before, but it really has more to it than getting whatever food or drink is all over your greasy mitts. It's also a health thing. Think about how many people are touching these controllers and how many people have touched them before. I'm not saying run to the bathroom every 3 minutes but at least have SOME sort of sanitary practices.